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Cowboy Songs


Cowboy Songs


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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 08/21/1990

A "cosmic cowboy" in the country-rocking '70s, Michael Martin Murphey revived his career as a cowboy traditionalist with this 1990 release. Mixing campfire chestnuts such as "Home on the Range, "I Ride an Old Paint," and "Happy Trails" with contemporary hokum such as "Cowboy Logic," the album returned the "i"western to the music formerly known as country and western, and its success inspired a series of sequels on the Warner Western label. Though nothing here is as cloying as 1975's "Wildfire" ballad, Murphey's biggest hit, this smooth stylist emphasizes the romance rather than the grittier realities of the cowboy's life. --Don McLeese

Cowboy Songs is a resource for spinal cord injury survivors and their families. We offer information about the anatomy of a spinal cord injury, contact information for doctors and treatment centers, a directory of support groups across the country, podcasts on critical topics, a blog covering almost any topic you could imagine, and more. Complete the form to your right to be connected to a recovery expert who will answer your questions and guide you to the resources you need.

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Spinal Cord Injury

Understanding a spinal cord injury is the first step in learning to cope with this condition or supporting others who live with such injuries. These injuries can severely limit function depending on their location and whether or not the injury is "complete."

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Brain Injury

Injuries to the brain can be frightening to deal with. Knowing the causes of brain injury, its effects on a person, and how to treat or assist those with brain injury are all important for those who have brain injuries or have loved ones living with such trauma.

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Finding Treatments

Medical research into treating brain and spinal cord injuries is constantly progressing. There are treatment options today that would have been impossible to conceive of a few decades ago. These groundbreaking technologies and procedures could be the answer to curing (or at least reducing) many forms of SCI and brain damage!

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Digital Resources

Brain and spinal cord injuries can be confusing and traumatic for both survivors and their families. has assembled a few digital resources designed to help you better understand these injuries and how they affect survivors.

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Bringing the SCI & TBI Community Closer Together

Having a place to share your story and get advice from others who have been in your shoes can make a huge difference. Be part of a community that cares and will support you with stories and advice that can help you adapt to life with SCI or TBI.

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